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April 30, 2009

Vijaya Vittala Temple - Vishwa Shanti Ashram - Visited twice

We visited this place again recently. The bike ride to this temple was good. As it was Sunday afternoon this time.. there was no much traffic. We did not miss the Gayatri temple this time. check the pix here...

Now Flyover construction in the Thumkur road is completed and opened. You need to take this highway and need to change to service road just before Nelamangala to reach the Vijaya vittala temple. Check for more details


Are you checking for some places to spend a week end near Bangalore, if you are spiritual, Vijaya Vittala Temple is a good one to visit.

This is around 24Km outside Bangalore in NH4, Bangalore-Tumkur Road.

We four friends Ashok, Bala, Chari & Guru went there last year, in two bikes. We stay near Hebbal, so we took Outer Ring Road - Thumkur Road route to visit this Temple.

We can see 36' tall Vijaya Vittala from the entrance. Luckily we were there during the Abisheka time of Vijaya Vittala.

There are Small Asta Lakshmi temples separately for each Goddess around Vijaya Vittala. But all those temples were closed on that day except this Adi Lakshmi temple.

A temple dedicated for Gayatri Devi in this Ashram. We spent some time in the temple.

Then we started checking around the temple. There are seven statues for each River. Some water arrangement is made from those statues.

Surprisingly, there is a huge Bagavadhgitha Mandhir inside this Ashram. See huge Radha with two rows of horses.

Krishna & Arjuna in the Radha

Close View of Radha

Inside this Mandhir, We can see toll Vishnu in Viswarupa form. We spent around half an hour inside this Mandhir with Meditation and Photography.

We were not known that there is another temple dedicated to Gayatri devi in the Ground floor of Bagavadhgitha Mandhir. We could not see this.


  1. Good photos. We come to know about these temples through such blogs. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  2. planning to go out this weekend..?looking out like wildlife safari the bandipur
    and br hills resorts

  3. Lovely blog. Do you have any contact details of this ashram... phone number


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