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February 04, 2010

Hogenakkal Waterfalls

Last Republic Day we went to Hogenakkal Waterfalls.

One of my classmates Suresh called me on Friday night for Hogenakkal Waterfalls trip with his colleagues on that next Tuesday i.e. Republic Day. I simply accepted it without any other thought as I was planning for the same for a year or so.

But on the Monday evening he called up again and said the trip is cancelled as one of his colleagues is not well. I was disappointed. As a last chance we checked with other friends. Finally one other classmate Subbu and our common friend Vardha also joined with us for the trip.

Suresh, Subbu, Vardha and me started on 26th Jan early morning. We cached Ernakulam Express from Bangalore Cantonment railway station to Dharmapuri at 6.30AM. Dharmapuri is the nearest railway station to reach Hogenakkal Waterfalls.

We reached Dharmapuri around 8.30AM. After having good Breakfast with Mottu Dosai (Egg Dosa) and Pongal near Dharmapuri bus station, started journey to Hogenakkal by bus. It was around one and half an hour journey to that place.

After getting out of bus, as usual many localites surrounded us offering boat services and Oil massage services. We did not pick any one of them for the service.

We directly went to waterfalls and started walking around the place. There were many guys having oil massage. But we did not go for that as the surrounding environment looks very dirty.

There is a small waterfall near the entrance. This is not the main Hogenakkal Waterfall. After a walk for 10 mins on the rocks we can see other waterfalls named as Cini Waterfalls and Main waterfalls.

Another view of this waterfalls

You can see main waterfalls atop of these hilly rocks or you can hire a boat service.

We hired a boat service. It is round boat. We call it as teppa in Telugu language. We paid Rs500/- for a 3 hours service.

We got into the boat. Subbu, Suresh, Vardha and Boatwala sit four sides of the boat and I managed in the middle.

First we visited to Main waterfalls. Waterfalls are smaller as it was not a rainy season. We managed to go near the water fall and get wet beneath the falls.

Then we had a circular boat ride near the waterfalls. This was amazing.

There was a shop with cool drinks and snacks in a boat in this lake. We purchased one bottle of Sprite and 2 Lays packets for Rs150/-. After having snacks we went around the lake for some time. During this boat ride we went to a hill. This is Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Border. That side of the Hill is Karnataka and this side is Tamil Nadu. We had some Tender coconuts on top of the hill and come back to boat.

One of our friends wanted to have a bath in the lake. So we went to a place which is convenient for bath. We came out of boat, took some photo graphs and started enjoying high at this place. One friend started swimming (Actually he know very little swimming). Other two started capturing photographs around this place. I started enjoying with Sunbath.

I just started with my sunbath, but I could not enjoy it as one of my friends lost his gold ring while swimming. We searched for that for an hour or so. As you know we could not get it back.

Finally we started our journey back to hill top to catch bus to Dharmapuri. While going back we have seen a small cave where a Tamil/Telugu Film Jaganmohini starring Namitha & Raja was pictured.

We could not catch Train back to Bangalore. So we reached Bangalore around 12.00AM night by bus.

Facilities available in Hogenakkal
Accommodation - No Accommodation available
Food - Average, Roasted fishes are available all over this place
Transportation - State run Buses are available, but not very frequent

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  1. Guru....really its beautiful man,i thought we have not taken proper pics dueto camera prob...but u have attached the apt pics.....this is really nice and everyone can easily get an idea about that place when they go through the blog.


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