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March 18, 2010

Nagpur - Ramtek

My Brother DS is finishing his studies in Nagpur in this Year. So we thought to visit this place before April, as April and May will be too hot in Nagpur.

DN and I started from Bangalore. Our Parents and Uncle from Chennai joined us in Gudur.
It was around 15 hours journey to Nagpur from Gudur. We reached Nagpur around 11am in the morning. DS was waiting in the railway station to receive us. Then we went to Guest room in VNIT. After refreshing we just walk around VNIT seeing all departments and DS room in hostel.

It was 6PM, we just went for shopping near variety chouk, finished dinner and come back to VNIT.
We initially thought to go to Tadoba National Park from Nagpur. As our visit was during Holi Festival, it was holiday for the Tadoba. Then after searching about many other places near Nagpur, we finally zeroed to Ramtek to visit.
Ramtek is a small town, situated at a distance of 42 km from Nagpur city. It falls under the Nagpur district and is held in high regard by the Hindus. This is because this town is believed to be associated with Lord Rama. There is hill situated near Ramtek, known as the Ramgiri Hill. The hill houses a historical temple of Lord Rama, which is said to be more than 600 years old. This temple has greatly added to the travel attraction of the city. The legend also goes that Lord Rama stopped at Ramtek, along with His wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, while on his exile.
Another fact that adds to the attraction of the town, from tourism point of view, is its association with the Great poet Kalidasa. He wrote his excellent poem, Meghdoot in the hills of Ramtek only. Infact, it is often said that it was the beauty of Ramtek Hills that inspired him to write the poem.
We booked a cab to Ramtek covering some other places on the way. We First visited ‘Zero mile marker’ which is the geographical center of India (Actually it’s just a Traffic signal area :)) then started journey to Ramtek. On the way we had Maharastrian breakfast with Poha, dokhla rabri etc.
Ramtek is a fort Temple. It houses two temples one for Lord Rama and one of Lakshamana. Gopuras of this temple looks nize. See some of the snaps of this temple here.
There are many Monkeys around this area. But unlike monkeys in Andhra or Karnataka, they look different. Check some snaps.

There is a lake with Water sports nearby Ramtek. We could not go for the same as it was already noon and too hot.

Then we started our journey back to Nagpur. On the way we went Ramdham. It is a temple having idols of Shiva, Durga etc which can be seen in different places across India. It also has big construction in OM shape. There are paintings and sculpture of Ramayana and Krishna leela in side this construction.
There is another temple Krishnadham nearby this, we could not see this. Then we had Lunch in a Rajasthani hotel near Ramdham.

And then we visited Dragon Palace which is a Buddhist Temple. Then we came back to Nagpur and started our journey back to Gudur.
And finally check how passengers are travelling in this area
Facilities available in Ramtek
Accomodation - No Accomodation available
Food - Below Average
Transportation - Self Transportation




  1. The trip was really great. narration chala bagundhi.It took me there again.Ramtek was awesome.I am sure everyone will surely go through some funny encounter with the monkeys there in their first visit:D.The final pic is surely a title pic for "It happens only in india" album


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