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May 08, 2011

Jadugar Anand Magic Show in Town hall bangalore

Performance of magic is all about making impossible to possible. So magicians make the impossible seemingly possible. We went to Jadugar Anand’s Magic Show at Town hall, Bangalore last week end of April 2010.  I booked tickets thru Tickets are ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 300. Daily two shows at 4pm and 7pm.

The show started off with a narration on how Anand became a magician. He has 4 Guinness World Records on his name!. First show was about explaining about great magicians in the world using a big book. When they showed the book for the first time there is no magician photo from India. They turned pages again for the second time, this time Anand appeared himself and came out of the book.

He started with simple magic tricks like getting birds out of nothing, changing colors of flowers, etc. In many other tricks group of people or coming out of different objects in a surprise. We were trying to get into the bottom of the tricks and tried to watch closer for any visibility of a trapdoor or the sort, when suddenly, as if reading audience mind, Anand said with a “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Government building and we are not even allowed to hit a nail into the wall, so forget about cutting holes into the stage.

In between young girls are dancing between different sets of tricks and in that time Anand is changing his dress and coming back to the stage with next set of tricks. He called for a volunteer in the audience to assist him for a few other tricks. A girl went on to the stage to help. He mesmerized her and he played a magic trick of inserting a sword right through her neck. Then, he played another interesting trick of levitating her against the gravitational force in the free space. Both of these tricks were carried out awesomely, and as expected, the girl was safe and sound as before!  

There were some theme magic tricks, He took us to the olden days when pallaki/palanquins are used for travel. Around 15 persons came out of the empty palanquin in no time. He also played a drama on the corruption. In that they showcased a magic where, Baratha matha disappearing and appearing again based on the person opening a pyramid type object.

He also played some tricks of great American and Russian magicians giving credits to them. Cutting a man using electric saw is one among them. He also escaped from heavily locked box in fraction of seconds. He made a huge replica of the Statue of Liberty to disappear right in front of our eyes! All the above tricks were carried out awesomely.

When he came down from the stage to the audience once, all children went to have shake hand with him. After this, he demonstrated conjuring of a rabbit from an empty hat, and suddenly, conjured a huge elephant out of thin air! Pretty much impressive. Elephant just walked down from the stage, walked thru audience and out!

You know Bangalore software industry… May be he also kept that in mind. He said, to attract crowd he is creating different magic tricks thru out his magical life. This time he created a magic using the available latest technologies. He brought a big empty box and few videos are projected in the front side of the box. When the Videos are playing, he played magic tricks like few persons are coming out from the video to the stage. And Anand went inside the video from the stage etc. photos of few magic tricks are as below. 
The show was played for almost 9000 seconds (as advertized). On the whole, I was quite a lot impressed with the show.

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