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December 30, 2010

Stay @ Rippon Mount Resorts, Wayanad

During last October we with other couple went to Wayanad . We initially thought to stay at Green Paradise Resorts. As we did not get Kabani cottages in Green Paradise, we choose Rippon Mount Resorts for our stay at Wayanad.

Our decision to choose Rippon proved to be correct. The whole experience at Rippon Mount resorts was awesome except the journey to the resort.

It was almost 6 or 6.30 pm by the time we reach Meppady. We did not estimate that it would be dark by that time. It was too dark added to that it was heavily raining. We took lil halt in Meppady as it was dangerous to drive in that heavy rain. Then we started our journey to reach the resort enquiring the localities about the route. We are almost reached the resort with the help of localities and Resorts’ sign boards.

There we saw a mud road with no proper way; it was a sharp slope and was very difficult to take reverse or U turn. As it was dark, rainy and no proper road ahead in that forest area and could not see any one else in that place we thought we missed the route and landed in the deep forest. Thankfully we had our Airtel signal, then we called resort enquiry twice and they came till our vehicle with torch lights to take us to the resort. These torch lights are like sun rays some timesJ. This was a thrilling experience

By the time we reach the resort it was almost 8.30 as it was too dark we did not adventure to see the surrounding places. We had good dinner in Kerala style and took rest.

We wake up lil early in the morning and went to see surrounding places with our Cams. The Resort is on top of the Rippon hill facing the famous Soochipara waterfalls. The view is breathtaking from the suicide point.... it’s really nice to see the mist moving around and the sky touching the mountain, where the mountains are partially seen.

We took many photos in the resort and ventured to walk outside the resort for some time. This forest walk was a nice experience. We could hear live screaming, roaring of many animals from long distances during our walk. After walking for some time we came back to the resort had our breakfast and started back our tour from resort to see other places in Wayanad

I will write a Travelogue on This Kerala Trip soon. And check for more details on this resort.

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  1. hey mention there r only 10 rooms and that to totally maintaining with generator.


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