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January 03, 2011

Great Bombay Circus on Jan1st 2011

This Jan1st we visited Great Bombay Circus in Bangalore. This is back in Bangalore after 38 years at the Palace Grounds opposite the TV Tower in J.C. Nagar. They have 3 shows daily @1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm and available till 22nd Jan 2011. Ticket costs range from 40/- to 250/-

We booked 250/- tickets in advance and went to the place by 4pm. As it was New Year and week end, there was too much crowd around 2000 to 3000 people...

The show started around 4.15 with Russian Rope Balance performance. After that all artists and performing animals come on stage. That was awesome. We saw elephants, camels, horses etc. Then the performances Chinese roller act, cube pyramid juggling, Russian Palotna acrobatics, American limping board, Russian spider ring act, vertical swinging acrobatics, Russian devil clown act, high-wheel cycle skipping act and pocket cycle, Russian clown skipping act and elephant cricket etc are started one after other. In between the Magicians and jokers acts and plays were giving good humor and laughs

Cycle acts by male and female performers including group performances on single wheel, performance in pocket cycle and performance in High wheel cycle are good. Elephant cricket was awesome… there were some boundaries and catches too in this cricket. Dog show, Parrot show and camel show was too good. Some parrots were cycling, group of dogs were rolling a pipe kind of thing etc. Fire artists have given their good performances. And acrobatics were too good. There was a performance too throw ball in a net on top of the long rod thru steps attached to the rod using legs. This was very well done, when she missed the throw once when she was almost on the way, there was a huge response from the entire crowd. And there were some motor bike performances too.

Check some snaps of the performances.


  1. I have gone to bombay circus on 3rd Jan 2011. It is really superb. My son enjoyed a lot. He is eagarly waiting for lion, which is banned. It's OK,Rest of all shows are reallys superb. Everybody should visit.
    The way they tried to shift ball to last step is really interesting. Great job by everybody.

    Thanks guru for showing entire circus in simple snaps.

  2. Nice Blog and gud narration. Keep it up!!


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