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February 21, 2011

Mathsya Mela - Fisheries Exhibition Bangalore

Yesterday we went to fisheries exhibition, Mathsya Mela in Tripura Vasini, Palace Grounds Bangalore. It was started on 18th Feb and open till 21st Feb 2011. The area was very crowded yesterday as there was a BJP Party meeting.
It was very good, big statues of fishes, Dolphin entrance welcome us to the mela. There were small artificial ponds created with crabs, fishes etc inside the mela. If you proceed further there are 100s of aquariums with different kinda fishes and aquatic plants. There were load of children and people watching these aquariums and taking some snaps of these fishes.
And then there are around 100 stalls with display of various fisheries-related products, ornamental fish, latest production technology, research and development and developmental institutions. There were many people buying different types of aquariums, fishes etc in this area.
Next attraction here is food court with lots of seafood dishes. You can have your lunch here, as we went around 4pm there we just had Chilly Prawns there. And there are shops to buy fresh fishes for your cooking.

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