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March 01, 2011

Modhuga Vana Vinyaka Swami Temple/Adavilo Vinayakuni Gudi - Gudur

Modhuga vana Varasiddi Vinayaka Swami temple is very famous in recent times in Gudur Town. This is also refered as Adavilo Vinayakuni gudi in Gudur.

As per the story, they were some herdsmen used to go to fields in Gandhi nagar area for forage for their cattle. They used to play, have their food on top of a big stone while the cattle have its forage and take rest. One day Lard Ganesh came into dreams of one of those herdsmen and said his idol is left without any Pooja and rituals in the fields of Gandhi nagar area. The next day that herdsman with help of other searched in that area and found out that the big stone on top of they used sped their life while cattle have its forage is of Lord Vinayaka’s idol. Then they constructed small temple and started Pooja and rituals.

This temple is situated near SKR Gov. college, Gandhi Nagar, North Gudur. (Check the map location linked to this blog). The Idol in the temple was found in fields around 10-12 years back and people say the size of the idol is increasing day by day like the Ganesha idol in Kanipakam. Ganesh Charthudhi/Vinayaka Chavithi and other festivals are celebrated very well in this temple. See 360 degree view of temple during Vinayaka Chavithi.

There would be huge Annadhana (Free Meals service) during the festival. Check Photo of Annadhana at this temple.

10 years back the route to this temple was like a small forest and bike riding to this temple during rainy seasons on the mud roads was thrilling. But now with real-estate boom and popularity of temple, many plots have come, and roads were laid down.

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