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March 04, 2011

Aero India Show 2011, Bangalore

Aero India 2011 is the Asia’s largest air show, Aero India is held at Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bangalore, India from 9-13 February 2011. We visited this on the last day 13 Feb 2011. Ticket price was Rs 500/- for Air Display Viewing Area (ADVA) during weekends. 

There was huge crowd and no chairs were available to sit and view even though we reached the place 2 hours before the scheduled show time.Most of the chairs were occupied by defense and army employees with their families.
The show was started @ 10.00 with some helicopters show. They showed helicopters carrying a Jeep, carrying Army men on ropes etc. It is advised to carry binoculars to view the show clearly. And it would be good if you have hats or umbrellas handy.

Surya Kiran show with Indian flag colors and Red Bulls show from German pilots team are important shows in Aero India.  Apart from there were many fighter planes on the show demonstrating their capabilities.

There was huge response from the crowd when Surya Kiran flights create Art of Indian flag on the big canvas, The sky. It was almost last for 30 mins with different kinds of drills with flights.

At the end of Surya Kiran show, they created a love Symbol on the sky to mark for Valentine ’s Day, the next day. Check videos in this blog.
Red bulls show was also good, and read in some web sites that the average age of these pilots is around 55 years. At that age doing this kind of shows rotating flights in different angles, like reverse etc might be very difficult.

After viewing these shows near the viewing area we came back to the tent area where huge digital display of this show with related explanation was going on. We could not listen to this from Viewing are as there was huge crowd and disturbance.

And at the end of the Indian flag hosting show was also good. Around 10-20 persons sky dived using parachutes in Indian flag colors. Seeing Indian flag colors across the sky was awesome.


  1. Perfectly summarized and explained. Is there any show using our latest LCA Tejas? Hope you haven't missed out that show in your blog.

  2. Mi Blog Chaala Bagundhi GuruSri garu...
    Telugu Kavithalu, Paatalu Chala Bagunnayi.....


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